Hrant Dink’s funeral was held on January 23. As a sign of respect to Hrant Dink’s memory a number of rallies were held in different parts of Armenia with calls and appeals. A similar march was held in Vanadzor on the initiative of Lory TV Station.

“Hrant Dinks live inside each of us, we are all Armenians”, “The Genocide still continues”, “The hands of Turkey are in blood” and suchlike posters could be seen everywhere, in the hands of students, intelligentsia who headed from the Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute to St. Astvatsatsin Church.

“This was the least we could do in memory of Hrant Dink”, said one of the students. “I couldn’t sleep a wink the whole night after hearing about Hrant Dink’s assassination. Turks must bear responsibility for their actions. Armenians will have heroes like Njdeh, Gevorg Chaush, Andranik who will be remembered for their deeds”, said one of the teachers while expressing her indignity.

The head of the diocese greeted the initiative of Lori TV Station and condemned the absence of the authorities from the rally. “I would like our high-rank officials to know the history of the country quite well as the history passes down from one generation to generation with their help”.

“The journalist of Lori TV Station have even released an announcement under which they condemn the assassination of Hrant Dink and qualify it as a heavy blow to the freedom of expression and the rights of ethnic minorities, resulted by Turkey’s anti-Armenian stance. The announcement says, “We deeply mourn over the loss of Hrant Dink and condole with his relatives, friends and promise to continue Dink’s work with joint efforts and in firm alliance”.