Merkel’s speechwriter due in Armenia

German PR-specialist of Armenian origin Vazrik Bazil will arrive in Armenia on September 15. Bazil heads the Germany-based Union of Speechwriters and has even been in the service of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In 2003-2005, he worked in the Bundestag.

Bazil will deliver a series of lectures in Armenia.

During his first visit to Armenia in 2007, Bazil said, “We, Armenians, do not honour traditions, we honour the past. Our main mistake is that we identify the past with traditions.”

“Even the Armenian Apostolic Church does not revere traditions. It has no monks which is amazing for a church that stands at the origins of monasticism. Monastery complexes develop the church. But this is only one side of the question,” he said.
Bazil will arrive in Armenia at the invitation of “Peoplemeter” Company.