Valmar’s Venice

To create and to show, to receive energy from abroad and to create again-this is the formula and purpose of art for RA Distinguished Artist, Valmar.

The evidence of this are the over 40 individual and 120 group exhibitions that he has had in Armenia, Russia, the Near Baltic countries, Europe, the Middle East, America and Canada, as well as the canvases in different museums, galleries and part of private collections around the world.

Valmar, or Volodya Margaryan, is from Gyumri. He was a student of Yervand Kochar and the only painter in Armenia to have his own gallery. His birthday is on April 21, yet he celebrates it with a new exhibition that has already turned into an annual tradition.

This time, the painter shared his “Impressions in Venice”. Valmar’s portrayal of Venice is transparent, luminescent and an endless, colorful dream…