Whose order Amalyan executed?

“This is a crime,” President of A1+ TV Company Mesrop Movsesyan said after receiving the bid packages of “Armnews” and “Armenia” which were announced winners in a broadcasting tender announced by state regulator in December 2010.

 You have already received the packages of “Armnews” and “Armenia.” What are you going to do next?

As soon as I got acquainted with the packages I realized that there is no need to take further measures: everything was already clear. Tomorrow, I shall file a lawsuit against the National Commission on Television and Radio (NCTR) and its chairman Grigor Amalyan. I am simply amazed at the NCTR. This is a group of slackers who have secured a comfortable life at the expense of taxpayers and joined the ranks of criminals. NCTR members should bear responsibility for their unfair decision.

What do you mean by saying “criminal?”

I shall explain it in the court. I am not crazy about court proceedings but I am going to prove that Armenia lacks a fair judicial system. We shall also call for NCTR’s dissolution. Even the 1988 earthquake did not harm our country so much as Amalyan did; he has deprived Armenia of ideology and a chance to integrate into democratic processes.

You are filing a lawsuit against the NCTR and its chairman Grigor Amalyan who accused A1+ of submitting fake financial documents and put “0”s

Mr. Amalyan accused A1+ of fraud without realizing that his decision will backfire on him. Prior to the contest, a foundation was set up to support A1+ with its fundraising. Some 30 000 people from different angles of the world voted for A1+’s return to the air and NCTR found two “invalid ballots” among those 30 000 voters. I am going to talk about this in court.

What was the NCTR supposed to do given the two fake documents? Recently, a NCTR representative told A1+ that they were not empowered to open the competition packages before the contest, hence they could not know about the false documents.

Mr. Amalyan was to invite me and demand explanation when they opened the packages and found fake documents. If his answers did not suffice me, he was to remove our package from the contest and immediately announce our rival as winner.

However, Grigor Amalyan pursued another aim; he wanted to discredit A1+ but his efforts failed as always. The explanations that Mr. Amalyan refused to hear will be sounded in court. We shall also present the violations found in the packages of “Armnews” and “Armenia.” Let the court decide.

 You say that 30 000 people voiced support for A1+ before the contest. Were you obliged to verify the authenticity of their documents?

Surely, not. We received the names through letters and e-mail. The two companies, that voted for “A1 +” by email, latter sought cooperation with us. Everyone knows that companies work with broadcasters through advertising. One of the companies offered an assistance of $ 55 000 for a period of 5 years. This was a favourable offer, which implied that we would receive $ 27 a day for posting the company’s ad. I should have been a fool to forge the documents and refuse the offer. Clothed in the mantle of a prosecutor NCTR filed accusations against us for which it should be made accountable.

The fact is that NCTR announced that A1+ had submitted fake documents and put “0”s to the company. Where the scores given to A1+’s package or fake documents?

 In reality, there was no competition. The eight members of NCTR could not simply get acquainted with the competitive packages of the 20 TV Companies. The scores aimed to dishonor A1+. No one doubts it.  Otherwise, NCTR could have put “0” to the financial part of the package and give marks for the other six criteria.after reading the package of our rival -Armnews, I can assure you that it was the worst package I have ever seen. Mr. Amalyan will be made accountable for abusing his powers.

You have also asked the state regulator for the package of “Armenia,” give the fact that the companies were owned by the same person.  Did the companies submit similar packages?

Everything was similar. The bluff presented by the NCTR is messy and ridiculous and will crop up in the court.

   Voctoria Abrahamyan