Mikael Hayrapetyan is pleased

Leader of the RA Conservative Party Mikael Hayrapetyan is pleased with the Munich meeting of Presidents Ilham Aliyev and Serzh Sargsyan.

I am pleased with the meeting. Unlike the Zurich meeting (during the signing ceremony of the Armenian-Turkish Protocols) no one patted the heads of our country. I consider it as a great achievement and I am glad for it.

Don’t you think the scenario repeated in Munich but it wasn’t simply recorded?

I don’t think so otherwise there would be a flow of information.

Can we consider a lack of a “gesture” as progress in the Karabakh conflict settlement?

One must always beware of Armenian authorities. They are henchmen and one cannot expect them to act on their own. In Munich the Armenian top brass got definite instructions and soon we shall witness the fruits of their preliminary arrangements.  

Will the Armenian-Turkish border open as a result of these arrangements?

– I think it won’t be opened in the near future since the opening implies a hasty resolution of the Karabakh conflict and new pressure on Armenia and Karabakh.

Don’t you think the political domain is passive today?

Things are as they are and each political force takes steps deriving from its interests. Armenia lacks a bipolar classical political domain; hence we cannot expect classical solutions. I feel the influence of foreign powers on Armenia and I fear the worst. God grant that no Armenian-Azerbaijani war is waged.

Do you have premonition?

I think the greatest danger is awaiting on the Armenian-Azerbaijani front since Russia as usual is doing its dirty deed in South Caucasus. I expect Russia to put Armenia on the altar to secure its presence in Azerbaijan and Iran. 

Which is the most important issue today?

 My party and I think that the first and foremost issue today is to release the prisoners.

Victoria Abrahamyan