Three price increases at once

On February 27 the Public Services Regulatory Commission will discuss the prices for gas, water and electricity all at once. The “Electric Networks of Armenia”, “ArmWaterSewerage” and “ArmRusGazard” companies are offering to raise prices starting from April 1.

The “Electric Networks of Armenia” CJSC offers 30 drams for 1 kw/hour during the day and 20 drams for 1 kw/hour at night.

“ArmRusGazard” offers the Public Services Regulatory Commission 99 drams for one cubic meter of gas instead of the existing 84 drams.

“ArmWaterSewerage” offers 168.98 drams for one cubic meter of drinking water instead of the 115.65 drams. The company offers 28.35 drams for one cubic meter of sewerage instead of the 24.35 drams. The increase of prices makes up 40.9%. “ArmWaterSewerage” validates the offers taking into account the amount of subsidy given by the RA state budget, which makes up 863.36 million drams compared to the existing 1366.49 million drams.

During an interview with “A1+” Head of the Consumers’ Union Abgar Yeghoyan said that residents will have to save their money wisely if prices go up. For example, this means not using too much light.

According to him, the rise of prices will not lead to a social outbreak.

“We are rather resistant and restricted, but it will hit citizens hard, especially during the current financial crisis.”