“When they ask me if I’m Armenian or French, I bring the example of coffee with milk: when the two substances mix together, the result is ideal,” says world famous singer Charles Aznavour adding that he is 100% French and 100% Armenian, “I’m not a French Armenian but a Frenchmen with Armenian descent”.

He explains that he is a Frenchman with his education and way of thinking, and an Armenian with his heart and soul. Charles Aznavour would like French to be a second language in Armenia, but he understands it is impossible as the majority of the population speaks Russian, “Well, at least it could be the third”.

Charles Aznavour is in Armenia at the invitation of “Air France”. To be more exact, he was one of the first passengers of the flight Paris-Yerevan. Charles Aznavour has signed an agreement with “Air France” and from now on he will travel only by this airline. “It will become my magic carpet”, he said.

The French Embassy rendered a press conference today to inform about the introduction of “Air France” in Armenia. By the way, the first flight was realized on March 28, and the first passengers were the RA NA Speaker Arthur Baghdasaryan and the French Ambassador to Armenia Henry Cuny.

The French airline has already signed a preliminary agreement about cooperation with “Armavia”. The details of the agreement with be represented after the ratification of the Government.