Fred Davtyan: Patience has a limit (video)

Stanislavski Russian Theatre of Yerevan has a new artistic director. Film director Karen Nersisyan has been invited to Armenia from the Russian Federation.

This is the decision of theater director Fred Davtyan. “It could not continue so long, patience has a limit. The director is the one who appoints the artistic director, and I have used that right.”

He is convinced that the artistic director is obligatory for the theater. “The artistic director is not a post, the artistic director is the face of the theater.” Karen Nersisyan has started his career in this theater, moved to Moscow in 1993 and has staged about 60 performances in different theaters. He also staged performances in America, the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan.

To remind, Aleksandr Grigoryan’s daughter, director Nora Grigoryan, actor Robert Hakobyan and director Suren Shahverdyan were nominated for the vacant position of the artistic director.