Hrant Bagratyan: Sanctions may also include Armenia

The United States has declared economic war. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev considers that the war should be responded politically, economically and, as appropriate, with other methods. US new sanctions on Russia will come into force on August 22.

Earlier, the United States imposed sanctions against Iran. How will Washington’s tough stance on our neighbors affect Armenia?

This attitude of Washington towards our neighbors, according to former Armenian Prime Minister Hrant Bagratyan, would have a negative impact on Armenia’s economy.

“As a result of sanctions, Russia’s economic growth will crumble. Russia and Iran are our partners, and if the situation gets worse there, then their purchasing power will drop, so they cannot buy Armenian goods. The only advantage is that a certain quantity of commodity resources is being freed, but we cannot import oil from Iran, as this country does not sell oil or fuel oil, it does not have such processing capacities,” said Bagratyan to “A1 +.”

According to Hrant Bagratyan, the only winner in such a political situation is the USA, which has already registered a 4% economic growth.

“I still do not know if these sanctions may also include Armenia.”

Former RA Prime Minister did not give any assessment to the economic policy of the new Armenian authorities.

“I have no grounds to speak about economic policy, no discussions are known to me. In three months, I am not aware of any economic move, which will allow me to make estimations. And I do not welcome the Government’s decision to lower the mandatory funded pension system and the small business threshold, as it will hurt the economy,” he said.

Hrant Bagratyan recalled that he had submitted a program to the government on May 12, but he has not received any proposals till now.