Medical students require their right to be lieutenant (video)

Medical students note that they do not want to give up military service, but they require their right to be a lieutenant:

Students who graduated from Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) require a meeting with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan for solving the issue of their specialization. The young men claim that, according to the law, they must receive a title of lieutenant and then be conscripted to the army, but the Ministry of Defense refuses to provide it and offers an internship option that creates a number of problems and is not unacceptable by the students.

One of the students Vardan Shahinyan mentions: “The Defense Ministry offers us to study internship for one year and then to conscript army as a lieutenant. The disagreement here is that first we must learn in internships and become ordinary soldiers. So why should we be deprived of the title of our lieutenant, which we actually have, and then get it? The second option is to be conscripted as an ordinary soldier, ignoring the military knowledge and doctor’s diploma. Our rights are being violated here. The title of lieutenant is our right. We demand that he gives us it.”

The students have had meeting with Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan. The latter agreed with them, understanding that the problem should be solved. Currently, the number of these students is 33, who have study excellent and free for over 6 years.

They also stress that in case of serving and returning back as an ordinary military serviceman, they will no longer be able to use the free internship, and according to them there are a lot of students who have been deprived of free internship because of this.

More information is in the video.