Hakob Hovakimyan: Karen Kungurtsev is not guilty and did not commit this offense

Recently, the Court of Cassation decided to change the preventive measure against Karen Kungurtsev, who was sentenced to 7 years of deprivation of liberty. He will be released after paying the pledge of AMD 500.000. The Court of Cassation, partially satisfying the complaints of the both parties, also decided to send the case to the Court of General Jurisdiction of the Lori region – for a new investigation.

Recall that Karen Kungurtsev is accused of killing handball player David Ovakimyan on October 15, 2013, in the Lori region. However, after being in custody for 31 months, the judge of the court of general jurisdiction of the Lori region Narine Hovakimyan recognizes Karen Kungurtzev as innocent and releases him on April 15, 2016. Karen Kungurtsev does not remain in freedom for a long time. On July 18, 2017, the Court of Appeal, chaired by Manushak Petrosyan, changes the charge against Karen Kungurtzev of attempted murder, qualifying it as the deliberate infliction of personal injury that caused death. As a result, Karen Kungurtsev is sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.

The appellate complaint was filed not only by the defense party, but also by the injured party, demanding to recognize and declare the innocence of Karen Kungurtsev.

“For 5 years my son is dead, but there is no one who should be convicted for the murder of my son. Karen Kungurtsev is not guilty and did not commit this offense,” said Hakob Hovakimyan, the representative of the successor to the victim, before being removed to the consultative cabinet, appealing to the Court of Cassation.

Defender Arayik Papikyan considers the decision of the Court of Cassation to be a partial victory. Karen Kungurtsev will be released when the pledge of AMD 500,000 is paid.