Owner of famous restaurant in Yerevan is afraid to lose his property (video)

“I would hardly persuade someone to invest here, because maybe it would take a day from him/her,” said the owner of “Dolmama”.

For more than ten years, the owner of “Dolmama” restaurant, Zhirayr Avanyan, is struggling in order not to let his restaurant collapse.

By the decision of the former government, Abovyan, Pushkin and Nalbandyan streets were recognized as the supreme public interest, and “Local Development Devices” LLC was granted with the right of constructing those streets.

Zhirayr Avinyan demands that decision to be reviewed when one’s rights are more than the other’s. He also wrote an open letter to the PM Nikol Pashinyan where he asks to preserve the inviolability of the right of property.

“When we asked the mayor how it happened that they were allowed to have a supreme interest. They said that the business did not have any project. That means that they could take a space without a project and call it a supreme interest and take away the property right from the owner. And now, when Mr Pashinyan urges everyone to invest here I would hardly persude anyone, saying, come here to invest since I do not know, amybe someone comes and takes that from him/her,” Zhirayr Avinyan said.

Zhirayr Avinyan also urges not to eliminate the old buildings.

Four years ago, together with a number of architects, Zhirayr Avanyan organized an exhibition titled “Build Without Demolishing”. The project proposed to improve the area in the middle of Pushkin, Abovyan and Nalbandyan streets without destroying antiquities, but received no response from the municipality and the government.

Details are available in the video