Editor-in-chief of “Azg” daily newspaper: Nikol Pashinyan’s reaction was very angry (video)

It was unclear whom Nikol Pashinyan’s call about television by  was directed.

“I was surprised by the word anti-state, hopefully it was just a mistake. His reaction was very angry. Especially, we are listening to this statement from a man who has criticized state officials during his journalistic activities,” says editor-in-chief of “Azg” daily newspaper Hakob Avetikyan.

The previous authorities did not react to criticism, they were silent and showed that there was no value in that criticism, and in this case, criticism reaches its place, says the editor-in-chief of the “Azg” daily newspaper.

According to him, the response of the media to the Prime Minister’s call is not exaggerated.

“It’s very dangerous when people say, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, say which jornalist it was and we will break him.’ By one word, the attitude of the public changes to the whole media field,” he said.