Jiriayr Sefilyan to talk about Manvel Grigoryan not now (video)

Commander of Shushi Special Battalion Jiriayr Sefilyan and former Commander of the Artsakh Defense Ministry Samvel Babayan are present at the trial of Sasna Tsar.

Before entering the hall, Samvel Babayan told reporters that he had not participated in the trial of Sasna Tsrer since he had been imprisoned. He noted that the subject of the investigation should be the circumstances of the death of the policemen.

Samvel Babayan also touched upon the recent events about General Manvel Grigoryan, noting that it was nothing new for him and he voiced about it.

Jiriary Sefilyan, on the contrary, refrained from evaluating Manvel Grigoryan’s actions, noting that he would speak about it later.