Sasun Mikayelyan: The gang has acted, and other people will be discovered (video)

Sasun Mikayelyan, a member of the Yelk (Way out) faction, referring to the inspections carried out by National Security Service (NSS) in Manvel Grigoryan’s private house, stated that he would not imagine that there might be such a thing, there are acts that are unforgivable.

“I cannot imagine what counter-arguments can justify this. If it were a weapon, he would not blame Grigoryan but stealing a soldier has no justification.”

Sasun Mikayelyan underlined that unpunishment has come from the previous authorities and they are part of all this.

“The gang has acted, and other people will be discovered.”

According to the observation that he was once a member of the Republican Party of Armenia, Mikayelyan mentioned: “Do you know what kind of order and rule was in the Republican Party during Vazgen Sparapet? If Vazgen Sargsyan was alive, many people would have been punished much sooner.”