Statemend of FPWC Foundation

We, the staff of the #FPWC Foundation, are ready to carry out the safe transportation of wild animals being held in the territory belonging to MP Manvel Grigoryan to our respective specialized territory at our expense.

After the medical examination of the animals and the diagnosis of the diseases, the place of their permanent residence will be determined, which in the territory of the Republic of Armenia may be the Botanical Garden, the Wildlife Rescue Center (CWR) and / or another foreign specialized center in the territory of Armenia, according to the current potential.

At the same time, we consider it necessary to note that the maintenance of wild animals in the territories belonging to private individuals must be prohibited in the manner prescribed by law, taking into account international standards for ensuring the well-being of the animal.

Yours faithfully,

Staff of the FPWC

Photos – Klaus Sparwasser