“Dialogue” to become Sardarapat of Lori (video)

Next year the 150th anniversary of Hovhannes Tumanyan will be celebrated. Sculptor Artik Kocharyan hopes that his great dream (5-meter monument named “Dialogue”) dating back to 1987, will come true. Tumanyan’s meeting with Andranik is at the core of the “Dialogue”. “One was defending his nation with weapon and courage, and the other – with power of speech and pen,” said the sculptor.

Hovhannes Tumanyan’s and Andranik’s first meeting took place in 1904. “We were friends at the first meeting, – Andranik writes. – One sight was enough to recognize the pure state of his heart. A magnetic force that bound me to love, to become closer, to admire and to respect him more.”

“Such people as Andranik feel the nation with trust and strength. All nations should have such defenders,” wrote Tumanyan.

The place is not randomly selected. Tumanyan and Andranik met many times, talked about the fate of the people and their homeland, and one of the meetings was held in Dsegh.

For making his dream come true, Artik Kochatryan needs AMD 8.500.500 for which he applied to the Ministry of Culture in February, 2018. “They answered in a written form, saying that the ministry would address this issue in case of additional financial resources,” the sculptor said. After the ministry’s possible sponsorship, he is confident that the rest of the necessary support will be available due to private donations, and also his friends will help.

For more than four years, the author has spent AMD 2,000,000.

“This monument will be the Sardarapat of Lori,” said Artik Kocharyan’s combat friends.