“Sasna Tsrer” member Artur Soghomonyan released

Judge Artush Gabrielyan, judge in the case of “SasnaTsrer”, decided to release Artur Soghomonyan, a member of the group.

His attorney Mushegh Shushanyan petitioned the court to liquidate or change the preventive measure by  written undertaking not to leave the city.

Mushegh Shushanyan petitioned the court not to apply pledge, since Artur Soghomonyan is unable to pay. “My defender was the only one who worked in the family, his mother and sister live with him. Artur Soghomonyan has health problems; he stayed at the “Hospital for Convicts” for about eleven months, thus needing medical help,” mentioned the attorney.

Mushegh Shushanyan also noted that the defender has shown proper behaviour during the trial.