Levon Shirinyan: The Nakhichevan issue should be resolved, otherwise Armenia will remain in the eternal blockade (video)

The circle around Armenia is constantly compressing. The army formed in Nakhichevan threatens us. The Armenian side should deal with its big brother in this issue, says political scientist Levon Shirinyan.

“Russia and Turkey are the safeguard states of Nakhichevan. Now we are all allies with Russia and we try to equate those relations with the status of a slave. This issue should be resolved, otherwise Armenia will remain in the eternal blockade,” says the political scientist.

He sees two options for resolving the Nakhichevan issue.

“The first solution is a military one, and we should be ready for it, and the second solution is to clarify the legal framework of Nakhichevan and present it on international platforms.”

Touching upon the visit of the OSCE Co-Chairs, Levon Shirinyan says that a tremendous thing has changed in Armenia and it continues to change, state building has started, and it is natural that the co-chairs should come and evaluate.

“The Republic of Armenia does not get out of the world news networks, we have earned a civilized value due to our velvet revolution and we do not have the right to lose it. There has been a radical change in Armenia.”

The political scientist emphasizes that the Prime Minister of Armenia made his first visit to Stepanakert. He considers realistic to return Artsakh to the negotiating side.

Political scientist welcomes release of some members of “Sasna Tsrer”.

“It’s good that it happened before Nikol Pashinyan went to Russia. This means that Armenia is a free, independent country. ”