Anahit Tonoyan: He makes us accept his nakedness (video)

Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Anahit Tonoyan claims that the removal of Lilit Arzumanyan from the “Higher Qualification Commission” (HQC) has shocked the scientists.

“She is extremely honest and human. She has nothing to do with corruption, she is devoted,” says Anahit Tonoyan.

According to Anahit Tonoyan, maybe the new head of the HQC is “extremely talented young man”, but she considers his appointment problematic.

“Maybe he is very talented but has no experience. It would be better if he worked for Lilith Arzmanyan for a while. If he were to be appointed it would be better if he deleted his photos in advance. Now, if I am a naturalist and consider that everyone should walk naked, shall I walk naked and make everyone accept me? The photos of that young man show that he has no respect. Such a person should not have been appointed. If he is eccentric, let him become an actor. His appointment insults scientists. I did not like that, the appointment is tactless. We, scientists, are conservative, we cannot give our work to be approved by a person who takes naked photos with a man. He makes us accept his nakedness. I do not accept such things, there is a elementary phsycological culture, isn’t there?”Anahit Tonoyan says.

Phsycologist Samvel Khudoyan also notes that if the HQC newly appointed leader is a talented scientist then he is being “spoiled” by the administrative work.

“Why does he need that position. He is a mathematics, his talent will disappear while doing the administrative work.”

According to the phsycologist, the problem is not in photos, of course, but in lack of experience. He thinks that the newly appointed Smbat Gogyan should have worked with Lilith Arzumanyan, former head of the HQC before his appointment.

To remind, according to the decision of PM Nikol Pashinyan made on June 11, Smbat Gogyan is appointed as the head of the Highest Qualification Commission (HQC). Lilith Arzumanyan, former head of the HQC, learnt about the new appointment by chance.