Minister of Finance cannot say when pensions and salaries will rise (video)

Today, at the discussion of the state budget in 2017, Vice Speaker of the Parliament Mikayel Melkumyan asked the Minister of Finances Atom Janjuzazyan how many years it is needed to have a progressive growth in order to raise people’s pensions and salaries. “A 3.2% economic growth was anticipated, we have 7.5%, that means we have 4.3% overfulfilment, which was not foreseen for the budget. How many years do we need to have a progressive growth? How many years do we need to address this issue?”

In response, Atom Janjughazyan said that in 2016, there was 0,2% economic growth, and in 2017 – 7.5%. “Now let’s assume that there were more than 15-20 billion drams than we anticipated, on these 20 billion drams we can build a long-term social commitment. We cannot go back to the same level of social expenditure after three years, which we can now take. That’s why we need to give the answer to that “when” together, when we will discuss the upcoming projects and make sure that revenue is steadily growing and we know why the state growth of our assessment is stable, and then we will appreciate and have better social commitment than we have today.”