Mesrop Movsesyan: The issue of A1+ TV company is a big problem for the government (video)

The revolution in Armenia is the achievement of the press. Nevertheless, the editor-in-chief of the Hraparak newspaper believes that it is a negative fact that instead of a multilateral publication, live broadcasting is being pushed to the forefront.

“It turns out that we are not doing journalistic work, but only technically equipped media outlets are able to cover and their work is being evaluated.”

According to Armine Ohanyan, not only a large number of readers but also the members of the government are still not ready to perceive the criticisms addressed to them.

“They are very young, inexperienced, and are not accustomed to criticism.”

Executive Director of the Public Radio Company Mark Grigoryan says: “Will the new government refer to the media by ‘this is mine, this is not mine’ approach? And if that approach continues, we will see the same image. That is, it will be my press, which helps, supports, does not criticize, and there is another media that criticizes and does not help but hampers us.”

It is assumed that the velvet revolution will liberate the media field in Armenia and reduce the pressure. Mesrop Movsesyan, President of A1 + TV company notes that Freedom of Expression has never been exposed in Armenia.

“What’s happening? They deprive of financial sources, opportunity to receive information and throw the trash, but not by their own hands, but by the people’s hands, this has nothing to do with freedom of speech.”

Today, in the National Assembly, when the activities of National Commission on Television and Radio of 2017 was discussed, the committee also referred to A1 + TV broadcasting. On April 2, 2002, A1 + was taken off air by that same committee.

“I would like to receive the initial moral compensation from the state, which has made great mistakes in the domain of press, and then we will focus on financial issues. The issue of A1+ TV company is a big problem for the government, there are no competitions, there are no finances, and I cannot imagine what kind of the compensation will be,” said Mesrop Movsesyan.

To remind, since the shut down of the A1 + TV company, Freedom House has assessed Armenian media as non-free media.