Aram Sargsyan: A1+ should be broadcast without competition (video)

Today, during the sitting of the National Assembly on the activities of the National Commission on Television and Radio for 2017, Aram Sargsyan, a member of the Yelk (Way out) faction, also touched upon the broadcasting of the A1 + TV channel.

“A1+ was the only TV company that was dividing the broadcast equally and politicians had the opportunity to express their opinions. At that time, thanks to that TV company, there was no brute force against opposition figures.”

According to Aram Sargssyan, the state struck all the medias by taking A1+ off air,  it was an instruction that the opposition could not be broadcast.

Aram Sargsyan underlined that today, a part of the money that goes to the Public Television  from the taxpayer’s pocket, also to the structure that regulates the TV broadcasting, should be provided to A1+ for losses and it should be broadcast without competition. “This is also a political issue. This is one of the key issues in the press of Armenia,” Aram Sargsyan emphasized.