Armenia’s Minister of Labor and Social Affairs resigns

Armenia’s Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mane Tandilyan has tendered resignation application today.

Mane Tandilyan explains her decision by her disagreement with the government that decided to make the funded pension system mandatory for all citizens born after 1973 from July 1, 2018.

“After long discussions it became clear that the government does not support my proposal. Instead, a different offer was presented and approved at the government sitting,” Tandilyan wrote on her Facebook page.

When assuming the Minister’s duties she spoke for postponing the full implementation of the compulsory component for a year to find better solutions through public discussions.

“The compulsory component did not enjoy and does not enjoy public support and the reasons are different and multi-layer. It has social, legal, political and structural problems and I see no way for implementation of the compulsory component without discussing it with the public, revealing problems and seeking acceptable solutions,” she added.

Mane Tandilyan wished success and farsightedness to the new government for the benefit of democratic Armenia. Tandilyan, who was also a member of the Bright Armenia party said she is also terminating her membership in the political force.

She added that in the period of her short-term tenure, she pursued the goal of serving only: the Armenian citizen.