Human Rights Defender: Children complain about sanitary and hygienic conditions of schools (video)

The Human Rights Defender’s Office has revealed cases of child abuse.

“We have serious issues related to inclusive education. There is also an issue of non-regulated payments in the health sector, children with disabilities should be served free of charge, but money was collected from the most of them,” Arman Tatoyan says.

He suggests changing the order for hiring teachers or school principals.

“The exam questions refer to the legal field, these questionnaires are ineffective and do not give an opportunity to understand teacher’s professional knowledge.”

The heating season in the educational institutions starts on November 15. This practice is not understandable for the Human Rights Defender.

The Human Rights Defender’s Office conducted monitoring in kindergartens and schools in connection with the sanitary and hygienic situation.

“The children raised the issues like water issue, soap problem, or bathroom separation. All this affects the right of the child to education.”

The Defender sees the solution of problems in the wide range of awareness raising activities.

“State bodies have not taken effective measures. The government agencies are the ones that need awareness, often the official is not aware and has other ideas, “Arman Tatoyan added.