Four candidates for position of Real Madrid coach

Spanish Marca news media reports that four specialists are nominated for the position of Real Madrid head coach.

According to a source close to the club, these specialists for the royal club included Mauricio Pochettino, Antonio Conte, Jurgen Cloppe and former team star Michel.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is eager to invite Mauricio Pochettino to join the team, but the Tottenham president Daniel Lew is against the transfer of the Argentinean specialist.

German Jurgen Cloppe has already told the Spaniards that he does not want to leave the English Liverpool. When it comes to Italian Antonio Conte, the latter is not against joining Real Madrid, but the Madrid club must pay a big sum to Chelsea for him.

The last option is Spanish Michel, who previously trained the Málaga Club, but in January of this year he was officially dismissed and the team was out of Spain’s strongest league.

To remind, former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane unexpectedly resigned from his position, just three days after winning the Champions League, on May 29.