Galust Sahakyan: the government’s program includes some ideas not connected with Armenian (video)

Today Republican Party (RPA) member Galust Sahakyan told journalists: “Nikol Pashinyan, of course, made a good speech, but if the government says there is a magic stick and the people should live well, I don’t imagine it.”

Touching upon the fact that many businessmen have left the RPA, Galust Sahakyan mentioned that everyone wants to join the ruling parties.

“When the party leaves the government, everyone wants to join other parties.”

According to Galust Sahakyan, the government’s program includes editorial and some ideas not connected with Armenian.

“I think that those who wrote, have not been aware of the government’s program at all. I believe that they will have a program in which it will be written what, when and where they will be able to implement by January.”

Asked whether he imagines himself in the new parliament, Galust Sahakyan said:
“Parliament cannot be without me.”