“Northern Artsakh” in Russian (video)

The Russian version of the book “Northern Artsakh” was published in Moscow. Thanks to the “Aniv”(Wheel) Foundation, the book was published in 1000 copies.

According to monument expert Samvel Karapetyan, the Armenian version of the book was published in 2014 and English version was published in 2017. The book contains information about Armenian-populated, Russian-populated and Azeri-populated villages in northern Artsakh.

“This book can be a positive background in the solution of the Artsakh issue. This is a unique weapon for our country, which we already have,” says the monument specialist.

The publishing of the book have been sponsored by the RA Ministry of Culture.

Samvel Karapetyan also added that “Aniv” Foundation is going to publish the online version of the book as well.