World premiere of “Crystal Castle” on Yerevan stage (video)

Gorgeous decorations, world stars on the stage, elegant music and even unexpected live horses and dogs on the stage. In the Alexander Spendiaryan National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, the Yerevan audience enjoyed a multi-stage performance by composer Alexey Shore “Crystal Castle” for two days.

According to Yekaterina Mironova, author and director of the screenplay, Yerevan performances can be considered world premiere. “Last year, we presented a special order in Malta, which was a pre-screening show,” she said.

The scenario is based on the palace customs of the 18th-century Emperor Anna Ioannovna and human passions. A real story about how the empress, who did not spare anything for his pleasure, ordered a crystal bouquet to perform the wedding of the clown couple. The couple spend the first night in the ice palace and then forgets about them. “This is the case when the story ends up actually better than in the performance,” said choreographer Alexander Somov.

The participants of the performance were the Yerevan Chamber Choreographers and the choir of the Armen Tigranyan Music School. The Russian artists were delighted with the Armenian children who, according to them, were surprisedly educated and talented. The words of the passion were also voiced about the professionalism of the orchestra’s musicians and the operatic scenes of the opera.

According to the directors, such a magnificent performance is a great pleasure and the Yerevan performances were possible thanks to the sponsorship of our compatriot in Malta, and, of course, the name of Konstantin Orbelyan had definitely its impact.

The “Crystal Castle” has not been included in the Grand Theater’s play list so far, which will be represented on the stage after the Yerevan tour, it is not clear whether it will be Kazakhstan or Japan.