Road leading to Amulsar mine blocked

Residents of Jermuk, Gndevaz and Kechut once again have blocked the road to Amulsar mine. They blocked the road a week ago with the demand to stop the mine exploitation.

Community residents agreed with Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan that the government will send a program to the commission to check the mining exploitation consequences, but no committee has been set up yet.

“During this week, the mine has not just stopped its activities, but on the contrary, more intensive work has begun. But we do not want that, our demand is to live healthy with our children. We understand that the government has many issues, but this is also very important,” said one of the residents.

According to the latter, the mine leadership approaches the people and tries t persuade that there is no harm.

The road leading to the mine continues to be blocked. Citizens are waiting for the government’s response.