Russian non-regular passenger carriers complain of new order (video)

Today, representatives of non-regular passenger transportation companies of Russia gathered at the government building. The protesters are complaining about a new procedure for passenger transportation to and from Russia, which came into force on June 1.

It should be noted that recently the RA Transportation, Communication and IT Predator issued a statement informing that based on the requirements of Article 4 of the International Road Transport Agreement signed between the governments of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation, starting from June 1, 2018, from Armenia to the Russia and vice versa interstate non-regular bilateral and transit passenger transportation should be implemented based on permissions.

Drivers complain about the new order.

“It implies the implementation of every passenger transportation, paying 150 thousand drams on the border, plus an additional 2400 drams for each seat,” said one of the drivers.

Drivers demand legislative changes, granting their licenses and to simplifying the tax burden.

David Melkonyan, head of the Transportation Department o9f the Ministry of Transportation, Communication and IT, approached the drivers and said that carriers could apply for a 3-5 year license and if the organization meets the set standards, they would receive a license.

Meanwhile, protest participants claimed that in reality there wa no competition, there was monopoly in the field, and several companies had received a regular carriage license.

David Melkonyan added that there were 8 companies in Armenia that regularly carried out transportation.