Gagik Tsarukyan: I pay 900,000 dollars per month (video)

“There has been a change of power in our country, but there has been no change in media thinking. Tsarukyan was and is checked, our doors are always open. When listening to the media, it seems that Tsarukyan is in a state of monopoly or gets rich artificially. If I did not receive money from abroad, my business would go to bankruptcy,” said Gagik Tsarukyan, leader of the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), leader of the Tsarukyan alliance .

Gagik Tsarukyan also touched upon the statement of the National Security Service.
“I pay 900,000 dollars per month, and what is there to check? The NSS has all the information on falsifications or robberies committed. I have no problem, let them start from me,” said Tsarukyan.