PM Pashinyan: Culture should be a way of life rather than compulsion (video)

Architects, filmmakers, musicians. archeologists, painters and dance instructors presented issues starting from the protection of historical monuments, until half empty concert halls and change of the blazon.

The desire of some art figures was to praise the newly appointed Prime Minister, who  met with cultural figures today.

“Our meeting should be practical, the topic of discussion is to ensure the cultural life of our citizens. Just as everybody knows today that one cannot live without washing, culture should become part of people’s everyday life. Culture should be a way of life rather than compulsion. Women who are benting in buses while coming back from work are among our cultural issues,” PM Pashinyan said.

Will the issue of cultural revolution be resolved? The Prime Minister replied that that revolution was a cultural revolution. The writer should find his reader, the theater, his audience, and quoted Vahram Papazyan: “Every black thing is not Othello and everything on the stage is not an art.”

There are many accumulated problems, there are urgent issues, but for this reason there is also a new Minister of Culture, and besides criticisms, remember that there is a culture in Armenia that creates values. The important thing is to educate an educated generation and a society free of corruption.