Theresa May congratulates Nikol Pashinyan

UK Prime Minister UK Theresa May has sent a congratulatory message to Nikol Pashinyan on the occasion of being elected Armenia’s PM, the press service of the Prime Minister’s official website reported.

“I welcome your desire to reinforce Armenia’s position as a democratic country, with principles of human rights, fundamental freedoms and rule of law strictly enshrined. You can expect the assistance of the UK in practice aimed at the implementation of your efforts in this sphere. We are ready to convey our experience to your Government, state institutions and the civil society on the way of shaping the bright future of Armenia.

The bilateral relations between the UK and Armenia are already firm, but I would like to see their further strengthening, including in the spheres of trade, investments and inter-parliamentary cooperation. I hope we can work jointly on the international arena in the direction of resisting global challenges, promoting universal values and strengthening the law-based international system,” she noted in her message.