Brother of former Chief of RA Police Vladimir Gasparyan’s bodyguard detained

Sargis Hakobyan, brother of Arshak Hakobyan, the bodyguard of former RA Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan, was arrested shortly before.

Judge Vache Margaryan, the judge of the Shengavit district of Yerevan’s general jurisdiction court, made a decision on detention.

Sargis Hakobyan is charged with committing hooliganism and involvement with a group of people in front of Yerevan’s Aivazovsky 29 on April 20, including using a weapon.

His attorney Tigran Atanesyan told “A1 +” that there was no hooliganism in the case and his client had not accepted the guilt. To the observation that everything is clear in the video, the defender mentioned that the video was incomplete, there was a conflict indeed, and the accusation was to be put to the head.

“The man was detained here because he has a brother and has been presented to the public in a negative angle.”

The Defender is going to protest today’s decision.