For years, at building of government, on demand of justice (video)

As every Thursday, it iwas crowded near the government building. Hovsep Muradyan, his son’s photo in his hands, has been standing at the government building for years, demanding justice. His soldier son, Arman Muradyan, died five years ago in peaceful conditions.

“My son was killed by a weapon not belonging to him. Artur Davtyan, if you declare that you did not fail, why haven’t you answered our letter so far? You are a criminal, you have to leave.”

Teacher Kima Hovakyan demands from the state her 7-year pension. She left for abroad in 1997 and returned 10 years later.

“They have given to me only three years’ pension. I demand my work to be returned to me, I do not want mercy. ”

In order not to pay utility charges, the woman appeared in court as a defendant.