Ashot Manucharyan: People should make corts serve them (video)

Ashot Manucharyan, a member of the Karabakh Committee, believed that the “Sasna Tsarer” group members could be considered political prisoners because the reasons for their actions were purely political. The previous government has eliminated and equated all the paths and levers of zero through which it would be possible to fight.

According to Manucharyan, after the revolution, there was an institute called the Revolutionary Committee, which is now the decision maker concerning the situation in the country.

“Pashinyan declared it. He says he will not put pressure on the courts, which is right. It would not be okay if Nikol Pashinyan or someone else dictated to the court. There are many courts in Armenia, prosecutors, they must be independent, but the situation is not the case. There are no worse things that serve the country but them. But the people, whom Nikol Pashinyan called the revolutionary committee, and the revolutionary people created a revolutionary committee and dictate now. He must ask these judges to serve the people. That is what the people consider fair, it is right. ”

Ashot Manucharyan also drew parallels with the 1988 Karabakh Movement.

“Frankly speaking, I was against Nikol Pashinyan entering the government. There could be someone else there. It was Karabakh Committee’s gross mistake that he entered the government. That is why we lost the revolution and lost the organized people. There is nothing higher than people governing,”said Ashot Manucharyan.