Naira Zohrabyan: When will the officials’ declarations be examined? (video)

Naira Zohrabyan, a member of the Tsarukyan faction, announced today at the National Assembly’s report, “The judicial system was always dependent on the president. When will the officials’ declarations be examined? ”

In response, Prosecutor General Arthur Davtyan said that the law on illegal enrichment became valid last year. “This implies that, in case of discrepancies, in-depth studies will be made, any contradiction will lead to proceedings.” Ms. Zohrabyan underlined that since the independence of Armenia the judicial system had been degraded.

“You are convinced that the judges who have not allowed themselves to think independently are able to exercise their power according to the law. It is difficult to wait 20 years to understand how you are forced to work and then start working normally. ” The Attorney General responded by saying: “I disagree with you, but the judges who do not comply with the law are removed.”