Court of Appeal considers decision of detaining activist illegal

The Court of Appeal considers the decision to arrest activist Tigran Mazmanyan illegal.

Defender Ara Gharagyozyan told A1 + that the Court of Appeal had made a decision today.

Tigran Mazmanyan was accused of using violence against an armed police officer while entering the administrative building of “Public Radio of Armenia” on April 14.

“The police officer’s testimony against him was not real. We showed a video that Tigran Mazmanyan is passing by that police officer with raised up hands,” says Ara Gharagyozyan.

Judge Artur Mkrtchyan, however, did not take into consideration this circumstance.

Ara Gharagyozyan believes that now the issue of bringing Artur Mkrtchyan to justice should become a subject of investigation. The lawyer recalls that the judge had also taken a decision to detain the bread-bringer Artur Sargsyan, who had a serious illness.