Ruben Haytayan: There are violations in the bakery and dairy market (video)

Today, Vice President of Armenian National Consumers’ Union Ruben Haytayan said at the news conference that the violations in Armenia’s bakery market are continuing.

Ruben Haytayan states that even though the national food safety service says that the field is settled, it does not correspond to the reality.

“Only the price tag is mentioned on the bread. Despite the requirements of the law, the flour type and many other details are not mentioned.”

Ruben Haytayan announced that there are also violations in the dairy sector.

“The same thing is in the butter’s case. There are also violations here when the manufacturer does not specify the presence of vegetable oils in it. This is also an example of fraud. It is roughly the same as selling copper instead of gold. It is necessary to bring to responsibility and punish,” said Ruben Haytayan.