Robert Sargsyan: This is a nationwide protest in support of Taron Margaryan (video)

Taron Margaryan’s incumbent, Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) MP Robert Sargsyan considers wrong those protest actions which are demanding the mayor’s resignation. “Why do they require it? Who has proven that he was elected by the electoral fraud? Let Nikol Pashinyan appeal to the relevant authorities, let them see whether he has been elected with fraud or not, It is not just for saying. Taron Margaryan does his job very well, you see that.”

Robert Sargsyan was particularly angry about the fact that juveniles were also involved in protests of Taron Margaryan. “Are serious now? That is the actions that children were taking part could, but yesterday’s demonstrations could not. It was also nationwide, they were protecting Taron, as he was elected by the people of Yerevan, they were not people from regions who were shouting Taron.”

RPA leader is convinced that it is wrong to demand a resignation from electoral independent bodies, such as the Council of Elders. “It is a different matter when there are criminals in some of these independent bodies or elective bodies, which are facts and can be discussed. But this way is not the way that the movement has adopted,” head of the RPA faction Vahram Baghdasaryan told A1 +.

The RPA has a positive attitude to Nikol Pashinyan’s Government program, since it belives that it does not differ from what RPA presented in the past. “Extraordinary elections should be constitutional. If that happens, we will discuss it, I do not see such path yet,” said Vahram Baghdasaryan.

“The issue of snap elections has not been discussed in the executive body of the party. Why it has not been discussed, since there is no agenda issue today, even there is no urgent snap elections in the agenda of the executive power. If it were, there is an option at this point, the government’s program should fail,” said NA Vice President Eduard Sharmazanov.