Meruzhan Ter-Gulanyan: He is a brilliant mayor. He has six children. (video)

Today, writer and publicist Meruzhan Ter-Gulanyan told journalists that a change of government took place and as a result of which there is a strange situation, as the majority of the National Assembly has become an opposition,

“I am sure that Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) will vote for Nikol Pashinyan’s program. It means that Nikol Pashinyan is responsible for the case,  you told it brother, so you have to do it. So it will be difficult for Pashinyan, too. We should not lose our image, created in the world, by the way, created by Serzh Sargsyan.”

According to Meruzhan Ter-Gulanyan, the time has come for young people.
“Despite the young ages of ministers, they can work. Person gains experience in work, but they should realize the full responsibility when taking this ‘burden’ on them.”

Meruzhan Ter-Gulanyan is grateful to Serzh Sargsyan.

“He knightly resigned from the throne. He did not leave any moth under the feet of Nikol Pashinyan and the people.”

Meruzhan Ter-Gulanyan is against the fact that the citizens surround the municipality and insult the mayor’s personality.

“He is a brilliant mayor. He has six children and they [people] insult him in front of his children.”