Clashes between two opposing parties at municipality (video)

14.07 The police took a demonstrator away by car, using force. When the demonstrators attempted to clarify the reason, the police said that the citizen had mental disorders and that they were providing the safety of the rest protestors.

Part of the rally claims that it was a provocation by supporters of Taron Margaryan, since he was supporting those who rejected Taron Margaryan.

13.30 Shortly before the quarrel broke out between two opposing sides. Those who rejected Taron Margaryan tried to seize the place where his defenders were standing, at the entrance of the city hall.

The police, who were standing farther, had to intervene and ask the two sides to descend from the stairs, as some of the demonstrators were not feeling well.

There is still relative peace in front of the municipality, though there are calls to “Taron, leave” “Taron is our Mayor”.