He was not satisfied with the team, but he did not support the revolution. Artur Gevorgyan (video)

What does the retired police chief Vladimir Gasparyan do? Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) MP Artur Gevorgyan, his son-in-law, has information: “He is resting, enjoying his rest. I did not see Mr. Gasparyan to know whether it was hard for him to be dismissed or not. I do not think it was hard for him.”

How will Artur Gevorgyan evaluate Valeri Osipyan’s appointment as s new Chief of Police? “Very kind. If more professionally, the time is needed for evaluating.”

When presenting Valeri Osipyan, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan mentioned that he was not corrupted in the system. Are those removed from the system corrupted? “Said Nikol Pashinyan. How can I not share if I do not have the evidences that the person was corrupt? Do you want to find a needle in the deer, do not try? Everything is calm, very peaceful, normal. The time will show. A new government has been formed, I want them to succeed and work well.”

He is satisfied with the fact that civil disobedience movement has been settled peacefully, but does not think that the developments should lead to snap elections. “All those forces were once expressed and expressed satisfaction with the elections. We should not question the already held elections.”

Artur Gevorgyan did not expect that Nikol Pashinyan would become prime minister, but at the same time he did not think it was a result of the drop of the RPA rating. “I have always been honest and will now be honest, if I was not happy with many of our team’s work, it does not mean I was for the power or the people who came to power. But I’m not against their succeed.”

According to Artur Gevorgyan, the RPA should have an internal audit and evaluate its mistakes and take serious steps. If this is not the case, it is not ruled out that he will leave the party.