Demonstration in support of Zhirayr Sefilyan (video)

Citizens demand justice from the Court of Appeal. In the case of Zhirayr Sefilyan and others, the appeals will be heard on May 30. However, the Court of Appeal has already decided to reject the petitions for the elimination of arrests in the proceedings.

Nerses Poghosyan’s wife is convinced that the judges did not get acquainted with the case materials.

“The revolution did not reach the courts, prosecutor’s office.”

Nerses Poghosyan’s wife does not lose hope that the change in the political situation will have a positive impact on the judiciary.

Participant of the action, Hovsep Manukyan, came from Barcelona three days ago. He has not been in Armenia for 13 years. He talks about Jirayr Sefilyan with tears. He got accounted with Jirayr Sefilyan in the battlefield.

Hovsep Manukyan is here with his two friends. He will leave Armenia on Friday, but he will repeat the request from afar, too.

“Review of all political prisoners’ cases and a free trial! Let it be a release on signature bond, then be a trial.”

Let us mention that the case of Zhirayr Sefilyan and others will be heard by Ruzanna Barseghyan, the other judges are Mkhitar Papoyan and Manushak Petrosyan.