There are more serious problems – Terlemezyan’s director about toilet paper action (video)

Collect of toilet paper has been carried out for Yerevan State Collage of Arts after Panos Terlemezyan.

“Today, there is not dignified conditions in the toilets, our college cariies a public responsibility, the public should know what’s going on in college in this regard,” explains one of the participants of the action.

The first action of the collection of toilet paper took place months ago at the Yerevan State University (YSU), organized by YSU “Restart” initiative, they also came to Terlemezyan Collage.

According to college director Anna Mnatsakanyan, “Restart” is not competent to speak out about any issues beyond the educational institution; it can be done by the student council.

“We have 770 students, how many students did you see below? If only 10 of 770 have problems, they are absolutely free to be elected as senior in their courses or members of student council.”

According to the director, there are many more serious issues that are worth mentioning, and this action is not aesthetically acceptable and is not suitable for the institution which carries the name of the renowned artist.

The director explains that the cost of buying a toilet paper is not included in the college budget for a year, and the decision was conditioned by the behavior of the students.

“For example, the baby wipes the brush with a small piece of paper and then throws that piece into the toilet. Even if after five minutes it disappears, even if we throw it into the hole, but we have toilet paper.”

Many students inside the college are honest and state that they do not welcome the initiative. The action participants were invited  to a consultation, but the proposal has been denied.