Penitentiary department to pay 1,200,000 AMD to its former employee

The penitentiary department must pay 1 million 200,000 AMD to its former employee. Judge Naira Hovsepyan of Shengavit district of Yerevan’s Court of Common Jurisdiction has made such a decision.

The plaintiff demanded about 1 million 900,000 AMD from the penitentiary department. Former employee Edgar Hovhannisyan’s attorney Arayik Papikyan told A1 + that they illegally dismissed the employee.

“During his holiday, he had been called and said that he was dismissed. He said that they cannot dismiss him during his holiday, they can at least wait for him to come. When he returned from his vacation, the order had already been sent to the personnel reserve. Then wrong payments were made. Besides, they did not inform him about his dismissal 60 days before, several violations were made, and we registered 8 pages of violations,” said Arayik Papikyan.

The case was  in court already for the second year. Judge Naira Hovsepyan, according to the attorney, had been regularly trying to find ways for the agreement and refusing the suit.

It is not excluded that the respondent party will appeal the decision.