Armen Elbakyan: Dramaturgy is not a canned box that one eats and finishes (video)

“If the Italians can boast with Eduardo de Filippo and the Americans with Neil Simon, we can say that we have playwright Jora Harutyunyan,” says Artistic Director Armen Elbakyan.

Tomorrow is the premiere of the theatrical presentation of “A bride from the north,” dedicated to the memory of Zhora Harutyunyan, Arno Babajanyan and Vardan Achemyan. By the way, Vardan Atchemyan was the first who “raised” the play on the stage. As far as it is today, according to Armen Elbakyan, there are values that can never be premature and dramaturgy is not a wall paper that one can read and pass, or is not a canned box that one eats and finishes. You have to be able to present the true face of time, which is not an easy task.

The director of the Mother Theater Vardan Mkrtchyan presented the works and the upcoming programs, starting from the small window of the cash register which has become broad and bright, until the establishment of the “Black Box” experimental theater, which, according to the director, is an opportunity for the young people to present their “craziness.” He also said that the theater is ready to cooperate with different film directors.

The Mother Theater will also have a new website which will help have a direct contact with the audience, as no matter how much sponsorships and public investments there are, the theater keeps the audience.