Manchester City sets records, while Arsenal sets anti-records (video)

New England champion Manchester City has set three new records after a postponed game with Barryton.

First, “citizens” took the 31st victory in the current tournament (3: 1). Previously none of the Premier League teams managed to record such a result.

Manchester City has scored 97 points after 37 games, which is also a new record of the championship. Additionally, Guus Guardiola’s teammates scored 105 goals in these games and scored two goals more than London’s Chelsea record.

And London’s Arsenal, on the contrary, has set anti-records. They lost to Lester (1: 3) which was their 7th consecutive defeat. Something similar happened with the team 51 years ago, in 1967. However, this series of defeats is a new anti-record for the Premier League.

At the same time, Arsenal became the first team in the league, which was in the top 6, but missed 51 goals. Last time, the London club missed more than 50 goals in their 1983-1984 championship (60).