New Armenia, great opportunities for development of economy (video)

It was noted a lot that during the days of the revolution, the demonstrations hit the economic growth. Even high-ranking officials were pointing out that the tourism industry that has suffered these days.

Economist Artak Manukyan said at the meeting with reporters: “It is clear that there is some kind of uncertainty for tourists, as the safety is is important for a tourists while traveling,” he said.

At the same time, the economist adds that they have little impact on the economy, and Armenia has more opportunities in case of the new government.

“All the opportunities that a new government or new Armenia can bring is a better field than tourism. The GDP is 11 and half billion dollars a year, and few are aware that the shadow is also included. According to official estimates, shadow is 22% of GDP. This is money or an opportunity that is not taxed and can only be replenished by changes. This can go to the state budget,” said the economist.

According to him, there are official and unofficial estimates, and if official estimates states that the shadow is 2.5 billion dollars of GDP, then we are officially dealing with 4.5 billion.